Earth Touch Too - Bulk

Earth Touch Too is our expanded facility for bulk mulch, soil conditioner, compost, straw, stone, and gravel. Pick-up or delivery is available on all bulk materials except sod.  

Call 256-880-3808 for quotes on materials and delivery fees. Earth Touch Too is located across the street from our main building at 101 Superior Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35802. 

Mulch, Compost & Soil Conditioner

Shredded Pine

bulk shredded pine, bulk shredded pine mulch, bulk much, bulk covering

Shredded Hardwood

Shredded hard wood mulch, Bulk shredded hard wood mulch, dark hardwood mulch

Soil Conditioner

Mushroom compost, garden compost, bulk mushroom compost, mushroom fertalizer

Mushroom Compost


Wheat Straw Bales

wheat straw, wheat straw bales, bulk wheat straw, hay bales, straw mulch, landscaping mulch

Pine Straw Bales

pine straw, pine bales, bulk pine straw, hay bales, landscaping straw, straw mulch

Stone & Gravel

Limestone Gravel

Limestone gravel, garden gravel, garden filler, bulk limestone gravel

Pea Gravel

pea gravel, garden gravel, bulk pea gravel, pea stone, garden filler

Landscaping Stones

stone, gardening stone, landscaping stone, flag stone, pavers, bulk stone, stone path